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Linda Bezuidenhout

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Linda Bezuidenhout

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Reborn Collection

The LB COUTURE reborn collection explains what I went through this year, it was so terrifying . I had to stop all my activities and distance myself from the fashion world.

I did not know what direction to take until after some time when I regained my energy through prayers and I was reborn. I started working on new designs. Hence this collection which is designed from new energy after the ups and downs I went through in 20/20.

Limited time
Nene Plated jumpsuit
Boldness, strength, confidence, Independence, Boss.
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The LB COUTURE line is for the modern, elegant and confident woman who also appreciates quality and uniqueness.

An LB dress will always be noticed every time you make an entrance because of its unique design and feel. LB dresses are alluring, intriguing and captivating.

Be the Unique, Elegant, and Fashion Forward woman that you are with LB!

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Linda Bezuidenhout

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